Writting club



To rise up a new generation of readers and writers designed to change the world in God’s name.

Guiding verse

“Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervour, serving the Lord.” Romains 12:11 (NIV).

Mission statement

Bringing up a family of readers and writers in Christ searching for individual favour in God’s eyes.

Aims and objectives

  • To mould potential authors to change the world in the most ways possible pleasing the Lord our God.
  • To use the most influential method to convert and change lives.
  • To teach people how to write and find good books
  • To teach the young ones how to read and what to read
  • Not only to teach of the passion of reading and writing but also to find the passion hidden inside of you.
  • To serve the Lord in all we do
  • And most of all: HAVE FUN


Rules and Regulations

Even though we are usually quite relaxed about what you do, there are certain things which we must follow:

  • An organized conversation is allowed but unnecessary discussion is banned.
  • Quarrels must be taken outside of the club room and sorted out (Although organized debates are very much encouraged)
  • Before you do anything you must ask yourself one question: Is this what Jesus would do?
  • Although all people are accepted, you have to be sure that you can obey the rules listed above.


Slogan: Be an Inspiration

Leaders Include:

Founder: Bryce 

President: Kyla

Vice-president: Cole

First-member: Naomi

Secretary: Christa



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