25 Jan

Back in my schooling years, I was a naïve student. At the time I was taught that by applying logical academic methods to get outstanding results, I would be successful in the marketplace.

My reality check was immediately after graduation, I began to notice that there were certain aspects of life that didn’t seem right, aspects that were from; following the patterns established by others, the obsession of academic achievement, the general fear of messing up or simply the urge to please others (parents, family and teachers).

Looking back, I now realize that some people spend all their time and energy moving up from class to class so that they never have to stop and look at who they are. It’s like they are running from themselves

Like many of my peers and the professors who instill this theory, I thought that success was getting As’ and a consequently white-collar job in a multinational. I didn’t realize that the professors also adapted into a system and they too may have no idea what their true purpose is.

For ‘success’ we deny our purpose and conform to societal “norms”, we accept compliance instead of the truth and embracing our individualism.

After university, I was frustrated, almost lost hope and meaning of life. My plans and dreams were falling apart because the reality was utterly different from the knowledge and belief system I had acquired (the gap was so big compared to the labor market).

I had a good degree but I felt incomplete, I thought that having a degree and good grades was enough to succeed in life, but I realised lacked understanding, I was dedicating myself to failure. Proverb says how much better it is to acquire wisdom than gold; to acquire understanding is more desirable than silver.

We grew up hearing our parents, professors and our social circles stating this biased facts “truths” and we believe them without questioning their authenticity. I’m not saying that we should not listen or obey our parents or professor; I believe they have a wealth of knowledge from the many years of experience and research what I intend to illustrate is that we have a ‘listening problem’ we so often listen and follow blindly, but actual listening involves passion to get understanding By listening to get understanding we begin to question (engage logic), meditate, analyze and allow critical thinking.

Our culture has accepted two huge lies. The first is that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you also hate him or her. The second is that if you love someone you agree with everything they believe, say or do.

We don’t have to comprise moral values and convictions to be compassionate. God rebuked his people but He also was compassionate with them.

Let us take for instance a saying that I no longer consider, time is money!

Whether in business or any other affairs; by assuming that investing your time will solely make you rich will result in discontent.

In any case money cannot make your rich. Money is neutral. It is just a paper that serves for transaction of goods from suppliers to customers. It doesn’t have value, it is basically a title of deeds.

We should not confuse money with wealth. Let us define what money is. Money is a printed-paper that enables one’s product from his wealth to be transfer to another. Money is simply a transaction tool. Wealth is the sum of skills, character, belief system, value, knowledge, passion and all those good attributes a person can have.

That’s why a country like DRC is classified like a poor country yet its natural resources can not be monetize because of its abundance. DRC is among the richest countries in natural resources and yet poor because of the lack of conversion of natural resources into wealth.

The reason why I am saying all these things, is because I want to sharpen your mind and spirit to get the understanding while you are working for your papers (degrees and money).

Live your life fully, add life to your life, impact, empower, challenge, transform, build, equip, and do not leave a legacy but use God legacy which is your life. The rest will be history.

I will finish by stating what Maya Angelou said, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better”.

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