Friday Devotion

On this Friday (1st/June), we had a great day of devotion… we started out with praise and worship;

We also had an announcement from our Supervisor Elizabeth, which was about the upcoming cultural event day taking place next Friday (8th/June), she introduced us the leaders of the cultures that will be represented on that day; 

We also heard from Supervisor Oswald who is in charge of sports;

He explained what was going to happen today evening regarding the sports that will be played. He also reminded us about the Sports Gala that will take place on the 25th/ June.



We finally heard a word from Uncle Ronald, who again talked about the theme of this week “Victory“… and told us to keep in mind that in whatever we do we need to strive for victory, with that being said, he called upon some of our students who recently represented us in a spelling bee competition. He said even if they didn’t win the competition, to us they are winners. They did their best and we thank them.


God Bless You All!






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