Monday Devotion

On this Monday (28th of May), we had a morning devotion where we had a talk with Uncle Ronald… He shared a word with us about Victory, which is the theme of this week. He identified victory as something that should strive for in whatever we do, Winning at everything in other words. Continue reading “Monday Devotion”

Monday Devotion

Every Monday we have a general morning devotion before we go on with our work… On this Monday 21st of May, we had a talk from our Principal ( Aunt Ram ) where she gave us a nice sermon about living by peace in our lives and in whatever we do, so this is the theme of the week. 






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Friday Devotion

Every Friday we have a general morning devotion before we can go on with our studies, on this Friday 18th of May, we had a talk with our supervisor on duty for the week (Oswald), He thanked the students to have behaved well throughout the whole week and also encouraged them to be more punctual in whatever they do.









We also had a word from our principal (Aunt Ram), who also advised the students to be respectful to their supervisors so they can work well together in harmony.

She also thanked one of the students (Kevin) who has been improving in academics and spiritually, he has also shared some of his creativity by composing a christian song and performed it in the devotion. He was given a t-shirt as a prize. Continue reading “Friday Devotion”