Life International Christian Academy Students display outstanding Computer Skills

Life International Christian Academy (LICA) educates children of different age using an International program ‘Accelerated Christian Education (ACE), an individualized, self-paced, biblically-based system of education which provides the student with a complete education in body, mind, and spirit.

It is a school quite different from other schools as students do not study using chalkboards but instead have a Supervisor following up on each of them. The Supervisor also trains the student based on the level of one’s understanding.

Life International Christian Academy is one of the schools that have a partnership with the International Computer Driving License (ICDL), so as to equip children with Computer knowledge from lower grades to High school.

The school prepared the competition for the first time so as to survey the knowledge children have on the use of computers through challenges of the fastest typist, use of computers without a mouse and alike interesting challenges.

Two students were competing at each level whereby the winners were awarded books, Pens, T-shirts and other prizes.

Some of the students who performed well are, Joshua Amabe, aged 9, who is able to connect all parts of a computer and Cyrus, 5 Years old, who is fully able to name all parts of a computer.

Life International Christian Academy (LICA), is an independent school that is registered with the Rwanda Education Board (REB) and Accelerated Education Enterprise (AEE) South Africa. The school has been in operation since 2014 and caters for children from 36 of age months to grade 12.

The knowledge LICA Students have on computer use is surprising compared to their age

Scrutinising the fastest typist is among the things that were considered in the competition

9 Year Old Joshua is able to connect a computer

Young Cyrus was able to name all parts of a computer in record time

The knowledge and skills which were shown by these students gives hope for the Future Generation

Alice Umurerwa says that a child should be trained on computer skills at a lower age

The Young winners were awarded notebooks

LICA Director Birungi Ram testified that all their students have knowledge on computer use

LICA teachers began by explaining the criteria of the competition

ICDL staff awarded the best participants